With over 80+ years of experience in providing services ranging from installation, commissioning, maintenance, radiation source installation and disposal, process optimization, training and other radiation services to cement industries worldwide, we are experts in all aspects of the Gamma Metrics systems.

1. Dedicated Support

  • We assign dedicated service engineer to each site and ensure tech support availability 24 x7 x365 days.

2. Remote Support

  • We provide 24×7 remote assistance to site team by phone, email and log-in to the system, in case of emergency.

3. Remote Support

  • We provide a MULTI LAYER Maintenance Agreement proposal for on-line analyzer maintenance & support at much competitive rates compared to OEM’s

4. Spares

  • Our Customers have priority access to our spares inventory consisting of every single part for the systems, located in Bahrain, allowing overnight shipping as much discounted price.

5. Training

  • We provide ON-SITE as well as OFF-SITE training to sites operation team on all aspects of operation and maintenance of the on-line analyzer. We also ensure that in due course, with our interaction and support, your site team becomes self sufficient and capable enough to handle on its own all the necessary emergency repairs and routine Maintenance.

6. System performance Evaluation and Optimization

  • We provide evaluation, calibration & process optimization services to ensure a cost effective and most optimal utilization of resources for on-line analyzer operation at your plant. This approach may provide maximum long term benefit on your investment on such technology and better value addition in plant process control aspects, some of which might have been overlooked previously. With our experience and knowledge, we can also provide an honest 3rd party opinion and audit support in dealing with analyzer manufacturer or plant contractor on various aspects of on-line analyzer system evaluation and performance

7. Radiation Sources

  • We Supply Radioactive sources, provide installation as well as Disposal of Radioactive Sources at reasonable prices, consultation and assistance for Safe Storage, Inventory and Fissile Material Handling as well as Radioactive Materials Licensing

8. Radiation Safety and Protection

  • We supply Gamma & Neutron Radiation Survey meters / TLD Badges / Extra shielding Material for Radiation Protection / Area Monitor / Alarm Systems as well as impart training to site personnel for safe operation and handling of the system and devices. We also provide Radiation Safety Assessments / Radiation Protection Programs / Radiological Control / Radiological Surveys / Source Wipes and Leak test for Regulatory purpose.

Photos of installations