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                                                                                                                                                                                    Stay connected on whatsapp : +97150 431 8669 / +973 3963 1733

  • We conduct dedicated ON-SITE user training programs at plant site ON CUSTOMER SYSTEMS and provide advance Operation, maintenance and troubleshooting training specific to your PGNAA and/or X-ray analyzers.
  • Periodically, we also conduct OFF-SITE training programs on PGNAA and X-ray analyzer systems maintenance and troubleshooting at various locations. An enquiry can be sent to us directly or thru our website.
  • Eventually with our training programs, most customers are able to bypass expensive maintenance agreement of OEMs and can easily operate & troubleshoot the analyzer systems¬†at much less cost and better capabilities.

Training Overview

  • System Operation Training
    • Hardware & software
  • Calibration Training
    • How to conduct Static and Dynamic calibration on your own.
  • Advance Maintenance & Troubleshooting Training
  • Radiation Safety Training Pertaining to your analyzer system
    • Radiation Worker Training
  • Advanced Software Training
    • Process Optimization Consultation & support